Pep Talk

You can change your life. You can overcome any obstacle. Human potential is so amazing that it has never been fully realized. This is the only explanation for why world records are broken time and time again.

  • Tom Whittaker, a right leg amputee, climbed Mount Everest.
  • Edith Haisman lived to be 100 after surviving the Titanic.
  • Bruce Haynes broke 15 cement slabs with a combined weight of 683 lb. with one blow of his bare hand.
  • Johnny Salo won a running race of 3,665 miles from New York City to Los Angeles averaging 8 minutes and 36 seconds per mile.
  • Donald Trump in the late 1980s was 8.8 billion dollars in debt and is now a multi-billionaire.
  • W. Mitchel was involved in a high-speed motorcycle accident with a parked Mac truck. His quick thinking enabled him to slam the bike on the pavement to avoid a deadly collision. He slid at 65 mi/hr underneath the truck, his bike then exploded, mutilating his face and burning off 3/4ths of his skin. He woke up two weeks later in terrible pain, making it almost unbearable to even breathe. Then, he decided to focus on what he could do and what he could accomplish, instead of making his life more miserable by focussing on what he had lost. With this positive frame of mind, he gained the power to develop a new company, which became the #1 employer of its type in the state of Vermont. With the success of his company he was able to become a millionaire and learned to fly airplanes. He then was involved in an airplane crash, in which 3 people walked away, but he was left paralyzed from the waist down for life. His toes were cut off and sowed onto his hands. His wife left him. Once again with the power of his positive perspective, he became the mayor of a town in Colorado and now has his own radio show and has married the woman of his dreams.

The list goes on and on. Now, were any of these people born with superhuman physical powers? NO! The people that accomplished amazing feats of physical strength might have had a genetic makeup that allowed them to gain a certain amount of strength, but so did many of their competitors. It was their mind that ensured their survival, victory and success.

  • Tom had determination, the ability to mentally overcome his handicap and the self-discipline to train hard.
  • Edith had the mental toughness and will to survive.
  • Bruce had the faith he needed to believe his fist could penetrate stone, the knowledge of how to do it and the self-discipline to train and practice.
  • John had the self-discipline to train and the mental determination and toughness to endure pain and keep going.
  • Donald had the mental ability to bounce back from failure, focus on his assets and seize financial success.
  • W. Mitchel had the positive mind set to adopt a positive perspective, focus on what he had (not what he didn't) and use his brain to achieve financial success and emotional happiness.

The one thing that set each of these people apart from their competitors or peers was their mind and their will. You are a member of the same amazing human species, the most advanced intelligent life form on this planet. You were born with the same sized brain proportionately as each of these people. The human mind is the soul source of inner strength that each of us possesses. It's potential has still not been realized. Remember and repeat this statement.

Who you are inside is more powerful than anything you confront and anything that can happen to you.

The magic of this statement is that it's true. You have the ability to overcome. There is no reason why you cannot change your life for the better and every reason why you should. So let's get started.

The following is a 20-step plan. Don't take this lightly. Don't read it and forget it. If you truly want to change, you need to read this entire section, give this problem your full attention and follow through with strength and commitment.

Get yourself a pen and pad of paper. From time to time, we'll ask questions and suggest that you give it some thought and write your answers or discoveries down. Please do this whenever it's suggested for your own good. It will make it much more possible for you to improve your life.

Habits that have been established for a long period of time have a certain momentum that tends to keep them going unless some strong intervention is accomplished. When a wave is barreling toward shore, what will it take to bounce that wave in a new direction? A rubber ducky is not going to do it. You need a breakwater! - A big recognition of the problem and its source followed by a big action. Let this reading and the action you take immediately be your breakwater that your habit cannot penetrate. You have the power inside, so let's kick some ass!

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