Remind yourself of these goals throughout each and every day

Carry these written goals in your purse or wallet. Post them on the inside of your locker door. Post your goals in places you see every day. Post them in locations where you often are presented with crucial decisions or temptation, like on the refrigerator door, inside your locker, or on the inside of your bedroom door. Read them to yourself and remind yourself of the long-term costs to not achieving them, and of the life you will have once you do achieve them.

On the same reminders, write down facts you've learned that will help you achieve your goals. Write down the sobering side effects of a drug you're trying to quit. Write down tips for controlling weight. You may come across an overwhelmingly large number of facts you want to remember. It's difficult for most people to focus on many ideas at once. Take a few tips or facts that you've read or heard about and write them down. Focus on these facts for a week. The following week, pick another handful of facts of which to remind yourself. Reinforce what you've learned by cycling through these small groups of facts week after week.

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Reminders can give you the extra power you may need to make the healthy decision.