Identify the negative behaviors that prevent this aspect of your life from improving

This task will be easy for some and difficult for others. If you want to quit smoking your negative behaviors would include lighting up a cigarette. Maybe you carry a pack of cigarettes with a lighter wherever you go. This also is a negative behavior that is preventing you from reaching your goal of quitting. For the moment disregard how difficult it may seem to stop these negative behaviors. First you must simply identify them.

If you want to lose weight, examine your behaviors that prevent this from happening. There are a wide variety of behaviors that can prevent weight loss. Snacking between meals, eating late at night, eating at restaurants, eating quickly, not drinking enough water, allowing yourself to get bored, unwillingness to stop the source of emotional stress, watching television, buying sweets, surfing the Internet, spending too much time at bodyteen.com! Maybe some of these behaviors apply to you, Maybe none of them do. What are the negative behaviors holding you back?

Some people may feel it's not their fault that their life is the way it is. This is a very natural feeling and in some cases it's absolutely true. But in every case, there is something you haven't been doing or something you've been avoiding, that you could do to improve your life. Assuming your situation is hopeless is a negative behavior. Failing to investigate things you can do to improve your life is a negative behavior. If you have discovered a positive way to improve your life and fail to take action, this is also a negative behavior.

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