Identify Something in your life that you would like to improve

For some, this may be obvious. For others it may take a little more thought. If you don't have any major problems, it's easy to go through life feeling comfortable with the way things are. However, if you really step back and look at all the aspects of your life, you're bound to find some room for improvement.

What would you like to improve about your life? Do you need to...

  • Stop procrastinating?
  • Lose weight?
  • Gain weight?
  • Exercise more?
  • Study more?
  • Improve your vocabulary?
  • Get better grades?
  • Get into a good college?
  • Get more sleep?
  • Socialize more?
  • Socialize less?
  • Make friends?
  • Lift your self-esteem?
  • Use protection during sex?
  • Quit a drug habit?
  • Cut down on television?
  • Learn how to say no?
  • Earn more trust and freedom from your parents?
  • Stop spreading negative gossip?
  • Be more friendly?
  • Overcome social anxiety?

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