Escaping the Trunk of a Car

Warning: Do not lock yourself in the trunk of a car intentionally. If you want to practice this technique, it must be safe. First study the trunk and trunk release mechanisms before getting in. You must get your parents' permission and have them closely supervise you as you attempt your escape. Make sure they have two keys to the trunk. Decide on a time at which they will open the trunk if you are unsuccessful. Oh yeah, make sure your parents can be trusted to let you out and not play a cruel life threatening joke on you!

Preventing the situation
First of all do not let someone put you in the trunk of a car. One rule you should always remember is...

  • Never let a stranger take you to an isolated place.

If you are threatened you must act, and do whatever it takes to avoid being taken somewhere by your assailant. If you are conscious, you should never get in the trunk of a car. If a stranger threatens you, use your self defense technique to escape, before you wind up in the trunk.

The only reason you should wind up in the trunk, is if you have been rendered unconscious. If you do find yourself in the trunk of a car, here's what you must do...

  • Do not panic.Breath normally. No trunk is air tight, so you are very unlikely to suffocate. Panic will only cause you to hyperventilate, which in turn could cause you to pass out.
  • Proceed quickly and calmly. The sooner you open the trunk, the more likely you will be able to attract help in a public area, before the driver takes you to an isolated area. Also If it's hot, the temperature could rise to dangerous levels if you don't open the trunk.
  • Remove the panels covering the tail lights in order to shed some light on the interior of the trunk.
  • Pull the cable to the trunk release latch. If the car has a trunk release latch near the driver's seat, there should be a cable leading to the trunk that you can pull to open the trunk. Look for it underneath the carpet or behind a panel of sheet metal.
  • Look for an emergency tool kit, in the well where the spare tire is or in some side compartment.
  • Use a crow bar or screw driver to open the trunk door.
  • Signal passers by.
  • If you can't open the door, try cracking the door open so you can hang something out of it to signal passers by.
  • Use your feet or tools to knock out the lights, in order to signal passers by. A hand reaching out from a taillight is much more startling than a piece of cloth or paper.

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