Sex in the Media

Thanks to the media and its brigade of billboards, soap operas, cinema, videos, lyrics, Internet, magazines, etc. sex is everywhere only controlled somewhat by the bounds of decency as imposed by the local government. As a common practice to promote one's business, sex is represented in an idealistic form using the following recipe: Add one gorgeous male with an incredible body and an impressive penis size Add one or two gorgeous females with incredible bodies and impressive breasts Finally add the ability to copulate at anytime anywhere without any consequences. This is not reality!

Well sex isn't always depicted in this manner. However, sex in the media certainly carries with it certain ideals to which we are attracted. If sex in the media weren't on average better than that of its viewers, we wouldn't feel the need to buy the product advertised, watch the show, or listen to the music. Because of these ideal depictions of sex some sexual partners, while comparing their own more realistic sex life, might feel inadequate or sexually unfulfilled.

In reality each of us is different, and a truly satisfying sex life usually takes time to develop Ð First of all you need time to explore your own sexual turn-ons through masturbation and daydreaming or fantasizing. Then you need time to explore and learn about your partner's sexual desires as your partner learns about you.

People's sexual desires can vary by...

  • How easily they orgasm
  • The amount of lubrication one produces
  • Which parts of their genitals are the most sensitive
  • How they like to be handled during sex
  • The positions they prefer
  • The fantasies they have
  • The amount of trust they need to feel comfortable.
  • The list goes on and on...

Because of these differences that make all of us unique, a first time sexual encounter is usually never as natural or effortless as it is depicted in the media.


Unfortunately with the secrecy of sexual discussion in society, porno becomes an educational tool. Techniques such as how to stimulate a woman's vulva or how to perform oral sex can be learned from porno. If you're not sure how to stimulate a woman, watching how one woman stimulates another can be very helpful. If your not sure how to perform oral sex well, watching porn could give you some helpful information. Often it is easier for someone to learn a skill when they see it being demonstrated. We are very visually oriented beings, so certainly we can learn techniques from porn. However, the problem with "porno sex education" is that the fantasy in porn can be mistaken for the reality on earth. Porn was created as entertainment. It is no closer to reality than "Star Trek." The likelihood for two strangers to meet, have sex 1 minute later without protection, and miraculously avoid STDs or pregnancy is unrealistic. Porno completely ignores any risk involved in the activities they depict. Protection is never used. Emotions are never involved. People are never hurt. Nobody ever gets pregnant and nobody contracts a sexually transmitted disease. Porn is made this way to maximize their entertainment value.

Before someone can star in a porno, they must go through a process. They are tested for all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. Women are always on the pill, or the stars have been diagnosed as infertile. Every participant is required to sign a form, which agrees to not hold the production company responsible for any health risks. Plus most everyone that participates in a porno has the ability to have sex without emotional consequences. It's too bad every one in reality doesn't go through this selection process. In reality, the person you're with could have a sexually transmitted disease, could be lying to you about their sexual history, could be very emotionally vulnerable, could get pregnant, and will hold you responsible for your actions.

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