Amazing Facts about Sex

  • On average, a single healthy ejaculation consists of 5 milliliters (1 teaspoon) of semen, and contains 300,000,000 to 500,000,000 sperm.
  • Over 8 million (8,388,608) (2 to the 23rd power) different combinations of maternal and paternal chromosomes can result during the formation of gametes.
  • Over 69,949,000,000,000 different combinations of chromosomes can result from fertilization.
  • Another word for breast is mamma or mammary gland. Mammals is a classification for more than 15,000 species of vertebrates (animals having a spine) including ourselves. Mammals are characterized by being warm blooded, having hair, and females having breasts. This amazing collection of animals is basically named after the scientific word for breasts. Why didn't they name the classification after hair? Because even male scientists are apparently fixated on breasts!

Humans differ from other animals sexually for various reasons

  • The time it takes us to have sex varies from a few minutes to many minutes, while most other mammals have sex within a few seconds.
  • Humans have sex year round as opposed to most animals that have sex only during a breeding season.
  • Humans have sex during any stage of a woman's menstrual cycle, not just midway between a woman's periods when she can conceive. (However some people are less inclined to have sex during the menstrual flow when things could get a bit messy.)
  • Humans along with dolphins are two of the only animals that have sex for fun or pleasure. We can thank our anatomy for this. The clitoris is an organ with the exclusive function to give the woman pleasure during sex. The penis is longer and wider compared to close animal relatives reflecting its ability to bring pleasure to both partners.
  • Human sex serves functions in addition to reproduction. Not only is it fun and pleasurable, but it serves to bring two people emotionally closer, resulting in strong relationships that benefit each partner as well as their offspring.
  • Most women enjoy sex when they are no longer fertile (after menopause.

Homosexual slang

  • Homos: the ancient Greek word for "same"
  • Heteros: the ancient Greek word for "other"
  • Lesbos: is a Greek island where Sappho a Greek female poet lived and wrote about friendship and love between women at around 600 BC

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