Overcoming Size Intimidation

Do not focus on the larger size of your assailant.

Instead focus on the target areas of his body that are in reality very similar in size to yours. His neck, throat, knees, eyeballs, fingers, ears, etc. are just as vulnerable as yours are. You have the advantage, because, after reading this chapter, you will know where his vulnerable areas are, and how to attack them.

There is no need for you to out muscle your opponent.

Every hold that could be used against you is escapable by using the techniques outlined in this chapter and striking the vulnerable areas. If your arms are tied up, use your legs, and vice versa.

Your assailant's muscularity can be used against him.

Muscle is very sensitive to compression. Crushing muscle tissue feels a lot worse than crushing fat, because every muscle is composed of thousands of fibers each connected to a different nerve branch. This is why a tetanus shot in the shoulder muscle feels a lot worse for a longer period of time than a blood sample taken through your skin and vein. Squeezing your assailant's lateral pecks, lats, or upper traps between the tips of your thumb and middle finger will cause severe pain. A hard knuckle punch to a muscular thigh, calf, or bicep will cause a sharp lingering pain.

Your assailant's natural reflex is to release, when in extreme pain.

The pain tells your assailant's brain that his present action is causing the pain and injury. This forces him to let go. This is why your hand jumps back when you touch a hot stove. This is why no matter how strong your assailant is, he will let go when you squeeze his Adam's apple, eagle claw his side, or do anything else that causes severe pain.

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