Dairy & Calcium

Everyone needs calcium to maintain healthy bones and to prevent injury. Teenagers need calcium even more, because of the bone growth that ocurs during puberty.

Sources of Calcium

(low fat)

(low fat recommended, including lactose free and lactose-reduced)

Natural cheese
(low fat recommended, incuding Mozzarella, Cheddar, Swiss, and Parmesan)

Tofu with calcium sulfate in the ingredients

Cold cereal with added calcium

Canned fish with soft bones
(including salmon and sardines. These pack a lot of salt, so eat them in moderation.)

Fruit juice with added calcium
(Commonly offered with orange juice.)

Pudding made with milk
(low fat recommended)

Soup made with milk
(low fat recommended)

Dark-green leafy vegetables
(including spinach, collards, turnip greens)

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