I think my friend might be suicidal

Signs that your friend might be suicidal

  • Severe long lasting depression
  • Sudden improvement or energy, immediately following a long lasting depression. This kind of change might provide the energy or strength needed to actually commit suicide.
  • Talking about death or suicide, especially serious when a plan of action is discussed.
  • Giving away prized possessions
  • Sudden withdrawal from friends and family

What to do if you notice these signs or suspect your friend is suicidal

Take them seriously. Don't assume a person is just trying to get attention.

Determine how severe their problem is. Ask them directly if they've thought about suicide. If they have, ask them if they have a specific plan for suicide. The more thought and planning a person has put into suicide, the more likely they are to do it.

Be a good listener. Allow them to express their feelings and to talk to you about their problems. After you have listened, ensure them that you care about them. Remind them that their life can change and that emotional pain always diminishes with time.

Be a good friend to them. If you want to help, let them know you will, and follow through with action. Being a friend to someone may save their life.

Convince them to seek help. Have them call a crisis counseling hotline. Urge them to talk with an adult that could make a difference.

If they won't seek help by themselves, go with them to seek help. Accompany them to therapy. Drive them to see someone who will have an influence. Plan for someone to meet with them behind their back. It's better to jeopardize a friendship than to let suicide end it permanently. Your effort may show them the caring they need to feel better.

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