If you have had thoughts of commiting suicide, you are on the right page. Please read this page, and please use the listed resources to get immediate help.

To help a friend who you think may be suicidal read
Helping Someone Stop their own Suicide.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescence. Every 46 minutes a young person kills himself/herself. 75 to 80% of successful teen suicidal deaths are those of boys. The majority of suicidal attempts are those of girls.

95% of suicidal people are suffering from mental illness, the most common being depression. If you are depressed, drug abuse, anxiety, impulsiveness, rage, desperation and hopelessness can push you over the line into suicidal behavior. While depression may result from many different aspects of a person's life, suicide is usually triggered by a single event that pushes a person too far.

Suicide is not glamorous. It's an ugly act of violence. Every 42 seconds someone attempts suicide, but less than 1 in every 24 actually succeed. Suicide often results in serious injury such as brain damage, and thus just makes a desperate situation much, much worse.

If you are contemplating suicide to force people to take notice of you, it won't work. If they don't notice you now, they won't notice you when you're buried under the ground. The only people you will significantly effect are those who already love you. The ones who have shown you the most compassion in your life will suffer the most from an act of suicide.

If you believe in life after death, consider the possibility that there is none. Consider that you may just end up dead and burried in the ground. Consider this incredible waste of a human life. Consider your life down the road as a life improved. A life with priceless memories. A life with irreplaceable experiences. A life with love and friendship. If you don't feel you can have these things, we are happy to say that you can, as long as you live.

Emotional pain always diminishes with time. Life can always gets better. Death cannot. Anyone can improve their life. The human spirit is more powerful than anything that can or has happened to you. You cannot improve your life if you are dead. You can only improve your life if you stay alive.

Suicidal behavior is a medical condition treated with counseling.If you are feeling suicidal seek help right now.

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