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Always Warm Up & Cool Down

Ease Into New Exercises

Being macho will only get you injured. The same goes for those times when you're returning from a vacation whether it's two weeks or three months. Also once you start an exercise program, make sure you exercise at least 3 times a week. If you exercise only once or twice a week, your body may never get used to the exercise, causing you to feel like you're perpetually introducing yourself to a new exercise routine without gaining any benefits.

Can't Motivate Yourself? Join a Team!

Join an exercise class! Find a friend to exercise with regularly! Running in a group of people can be a blast if you have one or two good comedians among you.

Avoid Dehydration

Make sure you drink plenty of liquids and exercise when it's comfortable. This means not at high noon when it's 90 degrees out.

Exercising in the Heat

When it's hot, blood is taken away from your muscles to be cooled near the skin. As a result you fatigue faster in the heat. If you fail to acclimate your body to a hot climate, vigorous exercise can cause the needs of your skin and muscle to surpass the capacity of your heart. This causes heat exhaustion and circulatory shock, which can cause you to faint. Another more serious outcome is heat stroke. This is the breakdown of your body's ability to control its temperature. Sweating stops, your body-heat skyrockets, and serious trouble or even death can result if left untreated. To avoid these problems, whenever you start an exercise program in the heat, acclimate yourself to the temperature. Even if you've lived there all your life, your body still needs to be acclimated to the increase in body heat during exercise. Take 4 to 7 days to exercise for one hour a day, gradually increasing your effort. Make sure you always drink plenty of fluids as well. Every ounce of water and salt you lose through sweat needs to be replaced. Drink some fluid each hour and don't skip a meal because that's when you replace your salt. Without salt replacement, you'll get cramps. Do not withhold water to make yourself tough. You will only give yourself heat stroke and delay muscle growth. Animals that survive with little water have evolved over thousands of years to do so. You, my friend, need water.


A woman's strength may decrease a few days before and during menstruation. This depends on the individual. Some women have performed better athletically during this time, while others have performed worse.

Mix It Up

Different types of exercise offer different benefits. For this reason, you need to develop a weekly exercise routine that combines different types of exercise in order to gain all the benefits you're looking for. Make sure you treat strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility as vital components of your fitness. In addition to obvious benefits, both strength training and flexibility are vital to prevent injury, to improve posture and to improve athletic technique. Aerobic training is vital to prevent heart disease and to increase one's available energy. Circuit training is a way to incorporate strength training, aerobics and flexibility into one routine.

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