Drug Overdose!

Call 911 immediately in order to contact the regional poison control center. They can give you advice and summon emergency medical aid.

If you overdosed, force yourself to vomit.

  • Make sure you stay awake until emergency medical aid arrives.

If your friend overdosed and they are still conscious

  • Stay with them
  • Convince them to vomit immediately.
  • Ask what happened and what drug they took.
  • Monitor the victim making sure they don't choke on their vomit.
  • Keep them awake.

If your friend is unconscious

  • Position them lying down on their stomach and turn their face to one side
  • If they vomit, make sure their airway is clear. Use your fingers to remove obstructions.
  • Closely monitor their breathing and pulse. If either stops perform CPR immediately.

If your friend is having convulsions

  • Do not restrain him/her. But do guide them away from hazards to prevent injury.

Collect anything that was involved in the drug use and try to identify the drugs that were taken.

Collect pills, vomit, syringes, pill containers, and anything else that can help the medical rescue workers identify the drug being taken.

Don't worry about turning in evidence to the medical staff or accurately stating the drugs that were taken. Be realistic. If your friend dies, you are f-cked. If you overdosed and you pass out, you may never wake up. Help the professionals help you!

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