Male External Sexual Organs

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Male External Sexual Organs

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The tube shaped organ containing the last section of urethra that swells with blood during sexual arousal, and is inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse. The penis is composed of 3 sections:

  • The root, which anchors penis within the body
  • The shaft, which is the main portion of penis existing outside the body
  • The glans penis (the head), a blunt or conical highly sensitive widened tip.

The tissue that swells during an erection consists of 3 cylinders...

  • 2 of which are called the corpus cavernosum on the top
  • 1 of which is called the corpus spongiosum on the underside


All males are born with a foreskin. A foreskin is a loose collection of skin that surrounds the glans. This skin attaches to the shaft of the penis just proximal to the head. When the penis is flaccid, this foreskin extends over the glans. When the penis is erect the glans protrudes from the foreskin.

You may or may not have a foreskin depending on whether or not you were circumcised. A circumcision is a simple surgical procedure during which the foreskin is removed. Most male Americans are circumcised as infants shortly after birth. Most males in Asia, South America, and many European countries are uncircumcised. Some religions such as Judaism and Islam practice circumcision for religious reasons. Other people decide whether or not to have their child circumcised simply based on the convention in their society.

Circumcision is rarely required for health reasons. Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin will not retract. Paraphimosis is a condition in which the foreskin will not extend over the glans once retracted. One of these two conditions occurs in 1 to 2 percent of males medically requiring them to be circumcised.

Cancer Myth
Are uncircumcised men more at risk for penile cancer? False! As long as a man practices good hygiene, an uncircumcised man is no more at risk for penile cancer than a circumcised man.

Balanitis is a fancy word for an infection of the genitals caused by yeast organisms. A Yeast Infection


  • itching of the glans or foreskin
  • a burning sensation in the glans or foreskin
  • a red rash on the glands or foreskin


  • practicing good hygiene
  • antifungal medications
  • If the problem is a recurrent one, circumcision may be considered.
  • There may be little to no symptoms occurring during a yeast infection. So if you are diagnosed with one, you should consider having your sexual partner treated as well, especially if your yeast infections are recurrent.

Risk groups

  • Uncircumcised men and men with diabetes that don't wash underneath their foreskin on a regular basis with soap and water, may be at greater risk for a yeast infection than circumcised men. However, good simple hygiene can prevent this problem.

Hygiene for uncircumcised males

  • First of all we recommend a shower with soap and water once a day to every teenager regardless of sex or circumcision status.
  • While showering, men should wash their penis and the areas around it with soap and water, especially the surfaces between the penis and scrotum, and the recesses where the penis and scrotum meet the rest of the body.
  • Uncircumcised men should pull back their foreskin and wash their head with soap and water. You don't need to scrub vigorously until you're sore. Just apply soap and rinse well.
  • Once your shower is complete, dry your body well including those recesses around your penis before putting on clothes.
  • Uncircumcised men should dry the head of their penis well and then pull their forsekin back over the head before getting dressed.

Circumcision does not affect the size of an erect penis. Since the glans extend beyond the foreskin while the penis is erect, size is not dependent on the presence or absense of a foreskin. In fact an erect penis with a foreskin doesn't appear to be much different than an erect penis without a foreskin.

There is no medical evidence that circumcision makes a man better or worse off when it comes to sex.

The glans of a circumcised penis are exposed when the penis is flacid allowing the glans to rub against a man's clothes. This may cause the glans to become less sensitive. It's a matter of opinion whether this is a good or bad thing. Some people assume that less sensitivity makes sex less pleasurable. However, those men who often experience premature ejaculation will tell you otherwise. There are actually lubricants on the market with the sole purpose of making a man's penis less sensitive so he can last longer during sexual intercourse before ejaculation occurs.

Some people like the look of a circumcised penis. Others like the look of an uncircumcised penis. If you are an uncircumcised man considering a circumcision for cosmetic reasons, consider this: It can be very difficult to regain a foreskin once you have it removed. There is a way to grow a foreskin through constant stretching of the skin, but it could take years to accomplish. If you feel weird because most men you know have a different circumcision status than you, remember there are millions of other men in the world with a penis that looks just like yours. We don't recommend altering your penis unless it is medically required. If you do decide to get a circumcision or to grow a foreskin, make sure you discuss it thoroughly with a medical professional and get all the facts to avoid making a decision you could later regret.


A wrinkled sac of skin enclosing the testes. The production of active sperm requires a temperature of about 93.6û F. That's 5 degrees below normal body temperature. To provide this environment, muscles in the scrotum regulate the temperature of the testes by pulling them closer to the body for warmth or letting them hang further from the body for cooling. The left teste usually hangs slightly lower than the right in order to prevent uncomfortable collisions between the testes while walking. The testes are also drawn close to the body during sex to minimize their impact against the female's body.

User's Manual

For many animals, keeping the sexual apparatus running smoothly is the cornerstone for around which their entire existence revolves. A good way to prolong your sex life is to keep your entire body in good physical and aerobic condition. What's good for your heart is good for your penis. 15 million American men are impotent, meaning their sperm is unable to fertilize an egg naturally. 80 to 90% of impotent problems are physical in nature, primarily due to vascular disease. So stay in aerobic shape, eat food that's healthy for your heart, limit saturated fats, and do not smoke. (How's that for an incentive to quit!)

Do a self-exam of the testicles monthly to avoid testicular cancer through early detection.

Strengthening the pelvic floor can help maintain erections and control ejaculations. Kegels: squeeze the same muscles you would use to shut off the flow of urine. Relax. Do this 5 or 10 times a day. Gradually increase your repetitions until you're doing 50 like a porn star. Also, routine sex and/or masturbation can also help keep your sperm and testes in tip-top shape.

End Premature Ejaculation
Younger men experience premature ejaculation more frequently than older men. With sexual experience man gains a tolerance to sexual pleasure and gains more control over his ejaculation. With less experience, especially the first few times a man has sex, he is likely to experience premature ejaculation. Orgasm Mastery is a program developed for men of all ages that uses healthy natural exercises and techniques to gain complete control over male orgasms and ejaculations. Using these techniques, you can avoid premature ejaculation, experience more pleasure during sex, bring more pleasure to your partner, and even achieve multiple orgasms. We highly recommend this program. It is the best permanent solution to premature ejaculation that we’ve found after searching the net far and wide. For more information visit OrgasmMastery. For more informaiton on premature ejaculation visit our premature ejaculation page.

Your Prostate

You don't have to worry about your prostate until around age 40 when you should begin annual checkups.

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Amazing Facts

  • Over 8 million (8,388,608) (2 to the 23rd power) different combinations of maternal and paternal chromosomes can result during the formation of gametes.
  • Over 69,949,000,000,000 different combinations of chromosomes can result from fertilization.

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