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Taste buds on the surface of the tongue detect the flavor of food. Your brain induces a craving for food you may need or unfortunately for food it may think you need. Taste buds also warn you when food becomes rotten.

The tongue is an extremely coordinated muscle, supplied with a dense network of nerves. This allows you to easily manipulate your food in many ways within the mouth. You can place food between the teeth for chewing, push food into the checks for temporary storage, pick out pits and other unwanted debris, and force a certain amount of food and saliva to the back of the mouth for swallowing.

User's Manual

Tongue Piercing
The tongue and lips are the piercing locations most vulnerable to infection. Metal in the mouth can damage your teeth. Piercing the tongue can also cause it to swell making it difficult to breathe, speak, eat or swallow.

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